Contractors: Consumers Beware

While assisting those affected by the flood in West Pittston yesterday I spoke to a number of contractors.  They told me stories of unscrupulous contractors who were telling people they had to do work which is unnecessary.  The extra work … Read more


Flood Insurance

The Wyoming Valley and many other communities along the Susquehanna River in Northeast and Central Pennsylvania were terribly affected by the flood.  I was helping clean up today and have been speaking to many friends and neighbors over the past … Read more


When the Landlord Tenant relationship goes bad

When landlord tenant matters goo bad there is always angst between the parties.  If you have not been involved in such a matter you might not understand the stress it causes the parties.  People have notions of “the tenant” or … Read more


Fairness on the edge of town

I have heard many times “All I want is justice.” and “What do you mean? That’s not fair.” There is one thing about law that many folks miss; what is fairness and justice? We have come to believe that what … Read more

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