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Business and the Lawyer 

In a recent complex business transaction as the deal was coming together when one of the parties noted that the buyers did not have an attorney; then he commented, “I hope going one does not delay the transaction.”

Attorneys have to do the best job for their client, which sometimes results in delays.  We are trained to see things differently and forecast passible problems in a transaction.  When the delay is for the right reason, the client benefits.  When hiring your business attorney, particularly if time is of the essence, be sure he/she is immediately available.  At A Practical Attorney, P.C., an engagement is not confirmed unless time can be dedicated by me to your business law issue and along the relevant time line.

I have substantial experience in business organizational planning, compliance, contracts and transactions. I understand business and work with clients navigating all of their general business ventures from simple questions to complex transactions all the time working as part of the team to provide the most complete and practical solution to the matter at hand.

A Practical Attorney, P.C. will work with you so you can Plan Early for your Success.

Business Formation

Forming a new business entity can range from being a relatively simple task to a very complex legal plan. There are companies now who engage in the business of preparing “simple legal documents,” but a cookie cutter approach is not appropriate in all situations. These companies make it seem simple and note that they do not provide legal advice.  Does this work in some instances?  Yes.  However filing is only part of what needs to be done to register a company.  Depending on the business, planning is essential to success. The trade off in savings vs. loss of a professional consultation is not an equitable result for you.  I have dealt with many clients who started their business with the assistance of an online filing company and I have helped each client fix problems in formation, organization and compliance.

There are many forms an entity can take.  When we meet we discuss your business plan and I steer you in the direction of entity choice, formation, planning, financing, compliance and document preparation.  Then when questions arise I am available to address your questions before they become problems or bigger problems.


In business you will have to deal with contracts either ones you need to prepare or ones you need to review. Unless you are an attorney or are very used to contract preparation and review it is always best to have a professional assist you.  Please do not simply read a contract you used before or a form from the internet and “edit it to fit your needs.” Contract formation requires precise language and a knowledge of contract formation.  Seek the assistance of a professional to make sure your documents are drafted correctly.

Here to help, here to listen.

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