A Practical Coach


I provide Life Coaching for individuals and Executive Coaching for businesses.

As I life coach I help people identify personal goals and help them understand that at this moment their circumstances are what are; and then move form there. I utilize various tools which help clients become more introspective and understand the role they play in affecting their life and how it unfolds.  Clients will perform customized writing assignments based on their goals and our conversations.  I lead people on their journey; I do not tell them what to do or what not to do; I am a guide to their change.  It is all about transformation.  Transformations are not easy, but the work is rewarding.

Life coaching should not be confused with psychological counseling, referrals are made for people who need specialized counseling. Psychological counseling is not the role of a life coach.  If it becomes apparent that coaching services will not benefit the client that will be disclosed.

As an executive coach I help a business change or adopt a new focus.  To assist businesses transform I develop a performance based model.  We build a team including the stakeholders necessary to make the desired shift in the organization.

All coaching is customized and based on the needs and desires of the individual or the business.  In both cases it is very positive and helpful for individual or business who recognizes the need for change.

Here to help, here to listen.

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