Data Planning

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The debate known, as Apple vs. FBI is interesting and I will follow it through the courts as it is appealed. I support Apple for many reasons, which I will explain at a later time. The reason for this post is to remind you of planning techniques I have employed for my clients and we have been doing this for quite sometime.

For estate planning and succession planning clients I discuss the import of data protection, particularly post mortem. Many of us have web pages, social media accounts and a rather intricate network of financial and other sites protected by passwords that maybe only we know. In estate planning this information can be very important to executors, agents, and family members. Some people want their Facebook page to continue or posts to be added to it upon their passing, but who controls it when you are gone? It can be part of your plan.

Without access, your executors and heirs may be locked out. We have set up plans where by the right person could obtain the data once you pass on. When you plan your estate make sure you speak with an attorney who understands modern technology and the law. Contact me if you have any questions.

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