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Estate Administration

Compassion, knowledge and confidence are necessary traits when working with a family who just lost a loved one.  Sometimes this includes developing a workable solution to troubles that can sometimes arise between heirs during administration of an estate.  When I was in law school I asked my property law professor if we were reading a real case or was this made up to make a point, the professor said, “you would not believe how people act when money is involved.”  Professor Anderson was right.  I have learned first hand how people act whether it be due to greed, emotions or personalities.  It sometimes gets tough.  Often times bringing families together and keeping everyone informed helps bring the family together with reduced stress and a better outcome.

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Estate Planning

The situation described above often happens when estate documents are not completed correctly, not updated or do not exist.  Estate planning consists of meeting with clients and preparing the documents necessary to dispose of all of ones assets in the way the person wishes to provide to beneficiaries and at the same time saving taxes and administration expenses.  Speaking to a professional can assure that you plan correctly to prevent problems in the future.

Everyone should have at least a will (there are various types based upon needs) and a power of attorney.  Many people also seek an advanced directive.  Trusts are also used for more advanced planning.  Wills provide for disposition of your estate assets after death and a power of attorney allows for your agent to make decisions for you financial and over your person when you are not able to.  Remember, once your children are 18 you can no longer make medical decisions for them or even question their medical status without a power of attorney.  It is truly one of the most important estate documents.

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