Family Law

Family Law

There are many practitioners and litigants who are unhappy with the system.  Sometimes the results for a given case are predictable, other times one has no idea how a particular decision was made.  It could be maddening. Results vary. Is the system broken? Well it is not perfect; improvements have been made and more will be achieved.  While problems exist systemically that does not mean that the Legislators and Courts are not trying; I feel they are.

The judicial system faces a substantial case load and resources are limited.   The legislature from time to time amends the divorce code and the changes are helpful, for the most part, but it still is not easy.

Divorce is not a “good thing.”  It might be the best thing to do and it might make everyone happy, but it is not generally a fun process.  There are almost always emotional issue and bad feelings. It is at this time that most of the problems occur for the parties. Discontent among the parties is unhealthy. How can you make the most out of a bad situation?  Try to resolve your issues with minimal use of the courts.  The areas of most concern, Custody (your children), Support (money to get by) and Property (your stuff) can be dealt with outside of the courthouse.  You can accomplish this effectively, and minimize emotional trauma by use of mediation where you can come to a mutually agreed to no fault divorce. This involves letting go and working toward a mutually beneficial result.  Attorney Harry W. Skene is a certified mediator.

Marital Planning

I have developed a new plan to get people thinking about the possibility of a bad out come in the beginning, before they are married, with a Marital Planning Agreement SM.  I know that when you are planning your wedding the last thing you want to think about is divorce, but realistically it is better to think about it when both parties are agreeable and care, rather then when they are disconnected and emotions are running high?

By pass the difficulties and make your own Marital Planning Agreement so you are in control of the good and the bad.

Schedule a no cost meeting* where we will discuss your unique issues and I will describe how an agreement would work for you.  Agreements are detailed, personalized and clearly explained to the parties.  The process include a video, which confirms the parties’ understanding.

* A thirty minute consultation to discuss your options and determine if this plan is right for you.


For most people deciding on whether to pursue a divorce is difficult.  Often one party comes to the conclusion that a divorce is necessary, but it is not always the choice of his/her partner.  When two people decide to divorce it can be but is not always a simple matter.  Divorces can be very complicated or they can conclude with both parties being quite satisfied with the result.  I take a practical approach to divorce and through simple dialogue help my client see the situation with focus and determination to conclude their marriage equitably.  The proper mind set will result in a less emotionally and financially stressful dissolution of the marriage.


Custody of children is the most difficult and emotional aspect of a divorce.  If you are contemplating divorce and you have a certain point of view on what is best for you and your children, visit family court before cementing your opinion.  It is rare that when you leave court you feel good about what you experienced.  Even when I pass family court going to the courthouse I see distraught people leaving that building; it is emotionally difficult.  Using a practical approach to your problems and concerns will allow you to work out a plan that fits your children best.

The caveat to the above is that both parents can and will provide a safe environment for the children.


It is all about the numbers and what it takes to bring about some sense of financial equity.  Often the paying party is not enamored by the system and not happy money  is being withheld from their wages.  However, here too I discuss a practical approach to achieve fair support and to help my client accept and understand the reason behind the support being paid or received.

A Practical Attorney Speaking About Marital Planning

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