Fairness on the edge of town

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I have heard many times “All I want is justice.” and “What do you mean? That’s not fair.” There is one thing about law that many folks miss; what is fairness and justice? We have come to believe that what fairness means to us (individually) is what fairness means to everyone else. Well it is not so. Even when you have a consensus about what fairness means in a particular situation that does not mean that you will receive expedited fairness or justice.

In our legal system if you have a complaint and your desired outcome is that you obtain a fair and/or just result, then all you have to do is prove to the court or jury that you are right. By the time a dispute becomes a legal issue it is often quite complex and people do not want to expend their time and money to achieve what they call justice and fairness. They want what they want and now.

I try to achieve expedited fairness and justice for my clients, but to achieve those ends you must be able to identify your problem early and be willing to be practical. You must be able to give up the ideal of being right. You can be sure that both parties to a dispute believe they are right or there would be no dispute. Giving up the concept that you are right does not mean you are giving up your rights or your case, it just means you are not trying to prove your opponent wrong. Do it right and you will get what you should get.

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