Independency Day 2011

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This year the 4th of July landing on Monday gave us a weekend to consider the holiday among the rest of our busy lives. After watching various professional and amiture pyrotechnics perform fireworks shows on the, 3rd I really started to ponder what the 4th of July means to people now. Today after the family bar-b-q, before leaving mom put on “Yankee Doodle Dandy” starring James Cagney. I never watch the classics, it is usually not my thing, but this was well done and demonstrated the love of country and patriotism that was common among those of my parents’ generation and earlier vintages.

While my generation may have lost sight of some of the
A line in the movie stated “a man may give his life to his county in many different ways and quite often he is not the best judge of how much he has given.” Although this is a simple line from a movie it reaches deep to what was needed in our county when we declared our Independancy from England. As we all know now it lead to the authoring of our county’s must important document; the United States Constitution.

Happy Independency Day to everyone there is a lot more to discuss about the Constitution, which will be adressed in future blogs.

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