Flood Insurance

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The Wyoming Valley and many other communities along the Susquehanna River in Northeast and Central Pennsylvania were terribly affected by the flood.  I was helping clean up today and have been speaking to many friends and neighbors over the past few days.  Everyone is in shock and just going through the motions to right their lives.

It is upsetting to know that when these people attempt to be compensated for their losses they are likely going to be treated unfairly by the insurance companies.  People are in shock; they need to be level headed when speaking with the insurance companies.  Do not be taken advantage of by these companies like the victims in Louisiana and Alabama.

If something seems wrong, then speak to an attorney and make sure you get what is justly yours.  I watched and helped people who carried their life belongings to the curb.  You should not suffer more at the hands of insurance companies trying to save a buck on the back of distressed flood victims.

Call me if you feel you are not being treated right and you have problems with your insurance company.  Get well soon to all those affected by the flood in Northeast and Central Pennsylvania.

Here to help, here to listen.

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