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Passers by off my office often ask, “What is a life coach?” I always take a break from my work to explain it.  Although my eyes are not as sharp as they used to be, after my explanation I sense some wonder in their expression. Next time my explanation is slightly different and still it is not landing right.
I think I understand now. It’s about context. They don’t have a context for the concept “Life Coach”. I get it.  They understand attorney, good or bad, there is context for attorney.
Now I open with, ” as a life coach I help people understand themselves better so they can live a more fulfilling life.”  Period, I just leave it.  There is no confusion. Now they want to learn more about life coaching and they have a context through which to hear a fuller explanation.
Context is key to communication so if you are trying to make a point and it is not landing examine the context and how what you are saying is being received.

Here to help, here to listen.

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